Nail colors that open the hands

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Nail colors that open the hands

Many women are looking for ways to lighten the color of their hands.
Among these available methods are nail polish colors that help achieve this goal.
If you are looking for colors that open up your hands, here is a list of the best colors you can try:

  • the Red:
    Red is the nail color that tops the list of colors that help lighten the color of the hands.
    If you want an elegant and distinctive look, you can try bright red or dark red.
  • Pink:
    Pink is also one of the colors that helps lighten the color of the hands, especially light shades.
    You can try light pink or pastel pink for a delicate and feminine look.Ezoic
  • Nude:
    Nude colors are one of the most popular colors to lighten skin tone.
    You can try nude in its light or dark shades, and of course it is preferable to choose light shades to get a greater effect.
  • navy blue:
    Navy blue is among the colors that lighten the skin tone by creating a contrast with the skin color.
    You can choose navy blue in its light or dark shades according to your preference.
  • Dark green:
    Dark green is a bold color that can help lighten the color of your hands, especially if you have fair skin.
    Try dark green to add a touch of boldness to your look.Ezoic
  • Metallic color:
    If you are looking for an elegant and distinctive touch, you can try metallic colors such as gold and silver.
    These colors are not only attractive, but they also even out and lighten the skin tone.
  • orange:
    Orange is a bright color that adds activity and vitality to your look.
    You can try light orange to lighten the color of the hands and give a cheerful look.
  • Classic caramel color:
    Classic Caramel is a natural and elegant color that brightens the color of the hands.
    Try this color for a soft and modern look.Ezoic

In addition to the colors mentioned above, you can also try warm colors such as bronze, light gold, and beige.
These colors lighten the skin color and enhance the beauty of your hands and nails.

Whatever colors you choose, be sure to choose lighter shades to obtain the desired lightening effect.
Enjoy experimenting with nail colors and give your hands a bright and beautiful look.

Nail colors that open the hands

What color of nail polish is suitable for dark skin?

Choosing the right nail polish color for dark skin may be difficult for some.
Therefore, a list of some colors that suit this wonderful color and add a beautiful touch to the nails has been compiled.
This list will help you choose the right colors for your dark skin.

  • Fiery red:
    Fiery red is a beautiful color that goes well with brunette skin.
    It is a strong and bold color that enhances the beauty of the hands and adds a charming red touch.
  • Neon colors:
    If you prefer bright and bright colors like orange and yellow, then neon colors are the perfect choice for you.
    Neon green, neon purple and neon orange go well with dark skin.
  • Pink and pink in their shades:
    Pink and pink nail colors in most shades illuminate dark skin and give it radiance and glow.
    It is preferable to choose bright pink colors to achieve this effect.Ezoic
  • Light colours:
    If you prefer light and soft colors, you can choose light pink and rose.
    They are warm colors that lighten and whiten the color of dark hands.
  • Bronze and orange colors:
    If you have tan or dark skin, bronze and orange colors will be a great choice for you.
    These colors give a warm touch and brighten the color of the nails.

Please note that generally bright colors reflect on the skin tone and make it appear brighter and more beautiful.
Choosing colors that suit your dark skin will add more beauty and brilliance to your hands.
Feel free to experiment with the colors mentioned and choose what suits your taste and personality.


How do I know which nail color is right for me?

Nail color is an important element in the beauty of hands and nails.
If you want to know the right color for your skin or clothes, here are some tips to help you choose the most suitable color for your nails.

  • Determine skin color:
    The first step to choosing the right nail color for you is to determine your skin tone.
    Skin can be light, medium, tan or bronze.
    Use this table to find out which colors are suitable for each skin tone:
Very pale or white skinMedium complexionDark or tan skin
Pink, pastel blue and nude colorsClassic red, metallic and pink orangePurple, pink, and blue
  1. Determine the color of clothes:
    If you want to choose the appropriate nail color according to your clothing, you can follow these tips:Ezoic
  • Neutral colors: You can choose neutral colors such as white and black, as they are suitable for any color of clothing you wear.
  • Harmonious colors: You should choose nail colors that match the color of the clothes you are wearing.
    You can consult beauty experts to get the best colors that suit you.
  1. New applications:
    Specialized cosmetics for dark red skin called “tan” are a good option to get the right nail color for your skin.
    You can try dark red or purple and pink nail polish.Ezoic
  2. Skin color check:
    You can also look at your skin tone to find out which colors are suitable for it.
    For example, dark colors suit white skin, while light colors are preferable to dark skin.
  3. Experiment with different colors:
    Don't be afraid to try different colors of nail polish until you find the color that suits you.
    Try purple, bright beige, or matte burgundy and have fun changing the color of your nails.

    Choosing a nail color requires some experimentation and testing to find out what suits your taste and personality.
    So, don't be afraid to try different colors and share with us the nail colors you like!

    How do I know which nail color is right for me?

    What does the color of your nails indicate?

    Nails are not just an aesthetic part of the body, but their color can be an indicator of your overall health.
    If you want to know what your nail color indicates, here are XNUMX important signs you should know:

    XNUMX. Change nails to black:
    If you notice that your nails are turning black, this may be evidence of a bruise under the nail.
    These bruises usually start out red and then turn purple, dark brown, and finally black.

    XNUMX. Pale or pitted nails:
    If your nails are pale or have rashes, it may indicate health problems such as liver disease, anemia, or malnutrition.
    It may be necessary to visit a doctor to determine the specific cause.


    XNUMX. Frequent white spots:
    If you notice frequent white spots on your nails or your nails are pale in color, this may indicate anemia.
    It may be necessary to conduct tests to find out the cause of iron deficiency in the body.

    XNUMX. Change nails to yellow:
    If your nails change color to yellow, this may be a sign of a respiratory problem, such as lung problems or pneumonia.
    It is recommended to visit a doctor to accurately diagnose the condition.

    XNUMX. Cracked nails:
    If your nails frequently crack, this may be evidence of a problem with your sebaceous gland.
    The gland may need to be evaluated by a specialist.


    It is important to mention that these signs are not a final diagnosis, but rather are just hints that require you to visit a doctor to conduct the necessary tests and determine the exact causes of any change in the color of your nails.
    Take care of your health and be alert for any abnormal change in your nails

    What is the natural nail color?

    The natural nail color is generally transparent, with a pink lining, which is an epithelial layer rich in blood vessels.
    Natural nails are usually clear or oval in color, close to the color of the skin.
    Color may vary slightly from person to person based on factors such as skin color and genetics.
    If the color of the nails changes to other colors, this indicates the presence of health problems in the body that should be treated immediately.

    What is the natural nail color?

    What nail colors are suitable for white skin?

    Nail manicure colors are considered one of the most important details that help highlight the beauty and softness of white skin.
    Choosing the right color can be difficult, especially with a wide range of different colors available on the market.
    In order to help you choose the colors that suit you, we offer you some tips and ideas:

  • the Red:
    We cannot deny the beauty of red nails on white skin.
    The classic red color adds a touch of elegance and appeal.
    You can choose light or dark shades of red according to your personal taste.
  • Pink:
    Pink nail color is one of the suitable colors for white skinned women.
    You can choose light pink shades, as they enhance the beauty and freshness of the skin.
  • Nude:
    Nude colors are suitable for white skinned women.
    When choosing a nude nail color, you should prefer pink and light shades to highlight the beauty of your skin.Ezoic
  • Blue and grey:
    The blue and gray color gives the nails a modern and distinctive touch.
    Therefore, this color is considered suitable for white skin and gives a wonderful look.
  • Pastel:
    If you are looking for variety and great colors, you can choose pastel nail colors.
    These cool colors are suitable for white skin and enhance the beauty of your hands.

You must take into account that the method of applying nail polish plays an important role in highlighting the beauty of the color.
Regardless of the color you choose, you must make sure to use a good nail polish base to get better hold and shine.
You can also use one or two layers of nail polish to get a rich, bright color.


By choosing the right nail colors, you can highlight the beauty of your white skin and your appearance in general.
Enjoy a different experience and discover which colors suit your unique taste and personality.

What is wheat skin color?

Brown skin tone is one of the most common skin tones in the world, and many people have this distinctive color.
If you belong to the category of wheat skin or would like to know more about it, we will provide you with some great information about it.

  • Wheaty skin appearance:
    Brown skin is a color between white and tan, as it falls in the color middle between these two shades.
    Peanut skin is known to be moderate in color, ranging in shade from light brown to medium brown.Ezoic
  • Wheaty hair and skin:
    The hair color of people with wheat skin tends to be brown, hence it is also called “wheat skin.”
    This type of skin is sensitive to the sun and its rays, so obtaining a tan color for wheatish skin requires additional efforts.
  • Gradations of colors in wheat skin:
    Colors vary in wheat skin, including dark wheat skin or olive skin.
    While dark wheat skin tends to be tan, olive skin tends to be medium brown.
    Your skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin in your body. The more melanin, the darker the skin shade.
  • Suitable colors for wheat skin:
    When choosing the right colors for wheat skin, you can try a variety of colors and determine what works best to highlight the beauty of your skin.
    Here are some colors that may suit wheat skin:Ezoic
  • White: White is suitable for all skin tones, and contributes to highlighting wheat skin tones of all shades.
  • Orange and gold: These two colors are suitable for wheat skin, as they add a touch of warmth and brilliance to its beauty.
  • Purple and violet: These two shades highlight wheat skin tones and make them appear more vibrant and radiant.Ezoic
  • Dark colors: such as brown, dark blue, and green. These colors are suitable for dark wheat skin and enhance its beauty.
  1. Hair dye suitable for wheat skin:
    If you are thinking about dyeing your hair and want to choose a color that matches your wheat skin, here are some colors that may enhance your beauty:
  • Dark red and burgundy: These two colors are suitable for wheatish skin and add a touch of attractiveness and uniqueness.Ezoic
  • Dark brown: If you want to change your hair color naturally, you can choose dark brown, which enhances your wheatish skin tone.
  • Warm blonde: If you love freshness and want to completely change your hair color, warm blonde can be an attractive option for wheatish skin.

Peanut skin will attract you with its special beauty, and when you choose the right colors of clothing, makeup and hair dye, you can enhance its beauty exceptionally.


How to become the color of the nails white?

When the color of the nails becomes white, this may indicate the presence of some health problems.
There may be a decrease in the number of red blood cells in the body, or liver problems.
The reason behind the change in the color of the nails to white may also be diabetes or a calcium deficiency.
Symptoms of nail color changing to white may be a sign of a serious disease such as cancer, and doctors may take a biopsy of the nail matrix to check for the presence of cancer in this case.
To solve the problem of nails turning white, you can mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of olive oil, then apply the mixture to the nails using a clean, soft toothbrush.
If you notice that your nails are turning white, especially on the tips, this may be a sign of low protein levels in the body, and a sign of liver disease.
Therefore, you must visit a doctor to properly diagnose and treat the condition.

How do I color my nails without manicure?

Coloring nails without using nail polish requires some creative ideas and the use of some household materials.
If you are looking for ways to color your nails beautifully and excitingly without having to use nail polish, here are some interesting ways you can try:

  • Nail polish with water:
    • You can pour two tablespoons of lemon juice into a bowl.
    • Add distilled white vinegar to the bowl and stir to combine.
    • Soak your nails in this mixture for 5 minutes.
    • Use a cotton swab to remove the nail polish afterward.
    • This method is considered an effective and simple way to remove nail polish without using nail polish.
  • Making nail polish at home:
    • Get an empty bottle of nail polish and clean it well.
    • Use a Q-tip to stir a mixture of eyeshadow powder and clear liquid into the paint bottle.
    • Stir slowly for three minutes until the mixture is combined.
    • If the paint color is not as strong as you would like, you can add more eyeshadow powder.
    • Paint your nails with this homemade polish.
  • Use natural materials to clean nails:
    • Use deodorant when you want to remove nail polish.
    • Spray it on your nails and rub them with a piece of cotton.
    • It may take a few tries and a longer time, but it is an effective way to remove polish without the need for nail remover.
  • Using artificial nails:
    • You can use ready-made artificial nails on your nails.
    • These nails give an attractive and professional look within a minute.
    • Boxes containing different nail sizes are available to suit the size of your nails.

Always make sure to wash your hands well before and after coloring your nails for the purpose of hygiene and disease prevention.
Enjoy attractive and elegant nails without the need for manicure, and use these simple recipes available at home.

How do I apply manicure correctly?

XNUMX simple steps to apply manicure perfectly

If you want to have perfect and attractive nails, applying your manicure the right way plays an important role in achieving this.
In this list, we will give you XNUMX simple steps to apply manicure perfectly and add a wonderful aesthetic touch to your nails.

Step XNUMX: Preparation

  • Before you start, make sure your nails are clean and tidy.
    Gently clean the nails using the designated nail polish remover.
  • It is also preferable to shape nails using a nail sharpener, as they can be shaped and smoothed easily with this tool.

Step XNUMX: Protection

  • To protect your nails from stains and stains, apply a thin layer of base nail polish.
  • This layer acts as a barrier between the nails and the nail polish, protecting them from staining and damage.

Step XNUMX: Layers

  • Before applying the nail polish, apply a second layer of clear polish and let it dry completely.
  • This second layer helps extend the nail polish's durability and improve the color effect.
  • It is also preferable to apply a layer of nail polish before metallic or dark-colored manicure, to avoid staining the nails.

Step XNUMX: Timing

  • When applying the nail polish, wait until the base coat is completely dry before applying the final nail coat.
  • This helps avoid scratches and fading and ensures a more accurate and perfect application.

Step XNUMX: The final touch

  • After the final layer of nail polish dries, apply a thin layer of final nail polish.
  • This layer helps secure the nail polish and prolongs its durability.
  • You can also apply a drop or two of nail oil to the edges of the nails to moisturize them and avoid breakage.

By following these simple steps, you can get perfect, eye-catching nails.
Do not hesitate to experiment with different colors and patterns to decorate your nails and create diverse and distinctive looks.

What is the difference between manicure and pedicure?

Pedicure and manicure are the basis of nail care mechanisms, as each of them works to improve the health of the nails and the skin surrounding them.
Although there are some differences between them, they basically complement each other.

Here we review the differences between manicure and pedicure:


  • Focuses on the nails of the hands.
  • The main goal is to beautify the nails and make them more elegant and symmetrical.
  • It involves cleaning, arranging and filing the nails using special tools.
  • Nail polish in different colors and designs is used in manicure to increase its attractiveness.


  • Focuses on toenails.
  • The main goal is to take comprehensive care of the nails and feet.
  • It involves removing dead skin from the bottom of the feet and taking care of the surrounding areas.
  • Pedicure is used to purify the nails, soften the skin, and moisturize it using special products.Ezoic

Although a pedicure focuses on the feet and a manicure focuses on the hands, the two procedures have in common to improve the health of the nails and surrounding skin.
Therefore, it is best to perform a pedicure and manicure together for better and comprehensive nail care results.

In general, pedicure and manicure can be considered basic techniques for caring for the nails and the surrounding skin.
Whether you want to beautify your fingernails or toenails, you can benefit from these two beauty treatments to maintain healthy and beautiful nails and feet.

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