How do I leave my phone locked?

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How do I leave my phone locked?

There are many ways to make a mobile phone open and appear as switched off to callers.
Many people are looking for a way to make their phone locked when the phone is unlocked.
Among the available services, converting an open phone to look like it is closed is one of the best services provided by service operators.

If you want to make your mobile phone give the impression of being switched off to callers when it is on, one popular method is to use the code “#1431.”62* ”.
Simply dial this code and then press the call button.

When a caller tries to call you, it will feel like the phone is off even though it's actually on.
This code allows you to be aware of the caller's identity without answering the call.


If you want to make your mobile give the impression that it is locked to everyone, you can simply use the code “#62*4000#”.
This code will give the impression that the phone is off regardless of who is calling.

If you would like to cancel this service, you can use the code “#67#”.
This code will deactivate the feature and will allow anyone to call you even when the phone is locked.

In addition, you can download a helper application that provides the service of converting an unlocked phone to give the impression that it is locked.

How do I leave my phone locked?

How do I know that the mobile phone is turned off or out of coverage?

There is no specific way to know if the mobile phone is turned off or out of coverage area, but there are some signs that can indicate this.
If you try to call the mobile and don't get a response, the phone may be locked.
Also, if you are in an area with good coverage and you are unable to receive or make calls, the mobile phone may be out of coverage range or there may be a network problem.
To find out the real reason, you can contact your carrier for more information.

Is there call forwarding?

The call forwarding feature is one of the important features that a mobile phone provides to its users.
This feature is of great importance for those who want to direct incoming calls to another number or even to their voicemail.
Thanks to this feature, users can stay connected at all times no matter where they are.

To activate the call forwarding feature, the user must follow some simple steps.
First, you must go to the settings menu on the phone, then click on the “Phone” section and then “Call Forwarding”.
After that, you must activate the call forwarding feature by activating the toggle button designated for this feature.


After activating the forwarding feature, the user can enter the number to which he wishes to direct calls in the box designated for this purpose.
After that, you must click on the “Call Transfer” option to confirm the settings and return to the previous screen.

It is important to mention that the call forwarding feature allows users to direct incoming calls to other numbers quite easily, without the caller realizing it.
Calls can be directed to another number within the Kingdom, and then to another line or even to the user's voice mail.

The call forwarding feature comes in different operating systems, including Android and iOS.
Therefore, smartphone users in the Kingdom can benefit from this important feature.


How do I activate the Mawjool service for free?

New details reveal how to activate the “STC Mawjoud” service completely easily and for free.
This system forwards calls to another specific number when your phone is out of coverage, switched off, or busy.

The customer can perform simple steps to activate the service, which are as follows:

  • Confirm activation by dialing code #400062.
    The customer can enter this code into his phone and confirm activation.Ezoic
  • The service can also be activated by calling 900. The customer is sufficient to call this number and follow the instructions to activate the service.
  • The customer also has the right to specify the type of service he wishes to activate on his mobile phone by using the code #400021Then click on Services on the home page.

Or the customer can start with the code from the beginning of the star and end with the window code.
If you wish to cancel the service, the customer can dial the code ##62# or go to the company’s electronic page.


As for the numbers associated with the service, the service is activated/deactivated through the number 1520 to 900 or 1521 to 900 when the phone is turned off or out of the network range.

Using code #400062 All calls are diverted, while the code #4000 is used67 If the line is busy.

The client can call with the code (674000#) to activate the service and go to the code *67# to cancel the service if the line is busy.


These are some of the methods available to activate and cancel the “Mawjoud” service for free and easily.
Take advantage of this feature to divert your calls to another number when you are out of network range or busy.

How do I make the phone unavailable for a specific Etisalat number?

This can be done using a series of codes.
These codes can be used to turn the phone line into “off” mode and activate the locked phone feature, preventing blocked people from contacting you.

To make the phone unavailable for a specific number, the user must type the code 67 His phone number # on the dial pad, and then press the call button.
A message appears confirming the activation of this feature.

If the required feature is not found, the user will go to Click here to view other available services.

Knowing that there is no option to call a blocked number on an Etisalat network, the user can use the code 21 To activate the service the number is currently unavailable.
This feature can be deactivated via code #21#.

There is also another feature that can be activated to limit unwanted calls, which is the locked phone feature.
When other people try to call you from different numbers, the user can activate this feature via code #78721.
After activating it, a confirmation message will appear to the user that the feature has been activated successfully.

If the user wants to deactivate the number is not available feature for a specific number, he can use the code #002#.

It should be noted that after enabling this feature, you will receive any unavailable telecom code.
The user can use this feature to restrict calls to specific numbers or to limit cases of phone hacking.

With the increasing use of communication technology, these new discoveries come as a powerful addition to mobile services.
These features help enhance user privacy and reduce unwanted phone crowding.
Using these features is an important step to ensure the safety and comfort of users in the modern world of communication.

How many service fees are there?

It was announced that the “Mawjoud” service from STC is offered for a free fee of 5 Saudi riyals per month, regardless of whether you have a prepaid or postpaid SIM.
This service allows STC customers to benefit from it while roaming internationally as well.

The “Mawjoud” service alerts customers of missed calls they receive.
To register for this service, customers can contact STC by calling the designated number.

The price of subscribing to the “Mawjoud” service is 92 Saudi riyals.
The benefits of this service are many, as customers can benefit from it in all cases, regardless of the type of subscription.

In addition, codes are available to activate or cancel the service.
The cost of the additional “Mawjoud” STC service is 9.2 riyals per month, and includes the value of added tax.

The “Mawjoud” service aims to make customers’ lives easier by avoiding unwanted incoming calls and preventing embarrassing situations from occurring with callers.
It is a valuable service provided by STC that allows customers complete control over receiving calls.

If you want to confirm whether the “Mawjoud” service is activated for you, you can contact STC to verify the service status via the designated number.

The “Mawjoud” service remains one of the best additional services available to STC customers for free, and meets the diverse needs of customers regardless of the subscription method.


How do I know about missed STC calls?

The Saudi Telecom Company “STC” announced the provision of a new service that allows subscribers to know the missed calls they receive when their phone is turned off.
This service is an important and useful feature for everyone who wants to catch up on calls they missed while they are not on the network.

To activate this service on your STC mobile phone, you can follow the following steps:

  • Request the code 674000# on your phone.
  • Once the order is executed, you will receive a confirmation text message confirming the activation of the service.

After activating the service, you will be alerted via text message when missed calls arrive on your phone while it is switched off.
That message will contain contact information including the numbers and time the missed call occurred.

This announcement from STC is a smart move to attract more customers, as it gives them the ability to catch up on calls they missed while they were away from the network.
This increases the convenience of subscribers and gives them the opportunity to check missed calls and answer them if necessary.

Activating the missed calls or lost communications service is among the services available by telecommunications companies, and STC and Zain are among the companies that provide this service.
This service enhances the user experience and makes it more convenient and easy to find out about missed calls.

In short, subscribers to the STC and Zain network can now benefit from the missed calls service to know the calls they missed when their phone was switched off or out of coverage.
This service enhances the user experience and provides them with a guaranteed opportunity to answer and follow up on missed calls.

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