How do I know when I graduated from high school?

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How do I know when I graduated from high school?

Any student who holds a high school diploma can know the date of the year of high school graduation in Hijri, in addition to the date of high school graduation.
This is done through the address written on the certificate itself at the top of the certificate.

The year of graduation is considered one of the important matters after the student obtains the high school result, as the student needs to know this important date for the purpose of enrolling in universities and other details related to higher education.

  • The year of graduation is usually written at the top of the certificate, and the graduation date can be specified in the Hijri calendar, such as “Secondary School Graduation Certificate 1445,” or in the Gregorian calendar, such as “Secondary School Graduation Certificate 2022.”Ezoic

Students wishing to know their graduation year should check the address mentioned on their high school diploma, in order to ensure accurate information regarding the date of graduation and the educational qualification obtained.
By knowing these details, students are able to proceed with university registration and deal with any other procedures related to their higher education.

In the case of failing students, the student is considered to have failed if he obtains less than 50% of the maximum final grade.
The maximum final is calculated by summing the grades of all the courses that the student studied during the study period.

It is worth noting that many students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are working to find out their high school graduation date for the year 1444 AH, after obtaining their high school diploma.
It is noteworthy that the original certificate must be kept to ensure the accuracy of the information and to facilitate any procedures related to higher education.

How do I know when I graduated from high school?

How do I calculate the number of years of graduation?

Individuals can calculate the total length of practical service by calculating the number of years of work and the number of years of experience.
Online tools help facilitate this process, as only the designated boxes in those services can be used to calculate this information.

  • For undergraduate students, the student's university GPA is calculated upon graduation in a cumulative manner.

Online tools can also be used to calculate an individual's age in the Hijri and Gregorian calendars.
These tools provide an accurate and detailed calculation of a person's age in days, months and years, as well as detailed information about date of birth and available specialties.

  • Using online tools, students and graduates can easily and quickly calculate the number of years of graduation, length of work service, and GPA.

What is the graduation date?

  • Graduation date is one of the important details to include when submitting job applications.
  • The graduation date specifies the day, month and year, which is necessary to confirm the academic degree.Ezoic
  • There are usually two different dates on the document relating to graduation.

Graduation date information can be obtained from the high school certificate.
The year of graduation is written on the certificate itself.
For example, the graduation date can be found in documents bearing the brand (logo), containing the approved graduation date when applying to the merit system.

If the document bearing the graduation date is not available, the student can search for the graduation date from the high school certificate or any other document proving that he obtained the certificate.
If these documents are not available, it is recommended that the person concerned contact the institution granting the certificate to obtain accurate information.


The date of approved university assemblies may sometimes be requested to confirm the degree listed on the document, if the date is not already available.

  • The importance of specifying the graduation date comes in order to confirm the academic degree and facilitate the employment process.
  • Schedule:Ezoic
Determine the graduation date by day, month and year
Availability of required documents
Ensure that the information entered is correct

How do I calculate my years of study?

Students can calculate their years of study in different ways.
First, the student needs to know what year he will start his first year of school.
Next, he must know how many years of study are required at the educational institution he will join.
Some institutions may require five years to obtain a bachelor's degree.
As for students who have passed the high school diploma, they can also enter the bachelor’s degree, except for those mentioned by the University Council.
If it exceeds five years, there may be specific mechanisms for this, which can be found in the university’s academic calendar.


Is the graduation ceremony mandatory for the school?

  • The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the new decision requiring all schools to organize graduation ceremonies.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Mr. Mubarak Al-Osaimi, confirmed that the decision on graduation ceremonies includes all public, private and foreign schools, pointing out that organizing graduation ceremonies is not obligatory, but it has become a praiseworthy educational custom that is documented for schools, students and parents.

Kindergarten parties are one of the most important types of school parties that aim to develop students’ talents and display their skills and creativity in front of their families, which reflects positively on their encouragement and pride in their small achievements.


Conditions for holding graduation ceremonies in schools have been imposed, as the education departments in the Kingdom have set several provisions for private schools to organize these ceremonies.
The school owner is required to sign a contract that includes compliance with these conditions.

Graduation parties are of great importance in schools, as they are an occasion to celebrate the completion of secondary school by male and female students.
Inside schools, parties will be held under the patronage of the school principal, and will include various activities, including the distribution of certificates, honors, and fun games.

In order to ensure that graduation ceremonies are organized properly and to provide a safe environment for students, the Ministry of Education issued special regulations specifying the procedures that must be followed.
These controls aim to ensure that the celebration is not only for the male and female students and their families, but also for the school itself.


After announcing this good news to the students regarding the holding of the third year of secondary school graduation party for this year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued an official circular to all schools with the aim of organizing and conducting these parties in a consistent and orderly manner.

Organizing a graduation ceremony is essential to highlight students' achievements, honor them, and celebrate their success.
The Ministry of Education seeks to provide an inspiring and motivating educational environment that enhances the role of schools in developing students’ personalities and refining their talents.

Is the graduation ceremony mandatory for the school?

What should I do after I graduate?

  • One of the main steps that can be taken after graduation is to continue studying with a master's degree or further postgraduate study in the field in which you graduated.
  • These efforts enhance knowledge and increase experience, enabling you to provide distinguished and professional performance when assuming a future job, in addition to enriching your CV with new skills.

One of the fundamental decisions in an individual's life is choosing a career path after graduation.
Therefore, it is advisable to take the necessary time to think and obtain experienced advice before making the final decision.
This ensures that your decisions are based on a clear vision and better achieve your career goals.

There are some popular future options after graduation that graduates can take advantage of in their career.
One can join training courses that contribute to developing skills and a deeper understanding of the field in which the individual works.
You can also look for volunteer opportunities to gain practical experience and expand your network of professional relationships.

  • If you are passionate about a particular field, you can turn your passion into a career by pursuing career opportunities in those fields and exploring employment opportunities in them.
  • Finally, you can search for job opportunities in your field of study or in different fields.
  • Making a decision after graduation is one of the vital steps in an individual’s life, and requires careful thought and professional advice.

What is the equivalent of a high school diploma?

  • The general secondary school or secondary school certificate is considered a student's qualification to enter university education.

For example, a holder of a Pakistani secondary school certificate can obtain a general qualification certificate through the equivalency system.
In addition, an academic degree can be awarded from a single degree, whether scientific or literary.
For example, if you study at an institute for 3 years after intermediate proficiency, the institute certificate can be equivalent to the orientation certificate.

There is also another system for equivalency of the general secondary school certificate, which is the submission of certificates of professional and employment experience for academic legalization.
This system requires years of experience.

  • In any case, the student must verify the requirements for the equivalency of his degree and go to the competent authorities to take the necessary procedures.

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