Find out your STC balance

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Find out your STC balance

How to know the STC balance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Let's take a look at the steps that can be followed to know your balance details:

  • Sending a text message: You can get the details of your STC balance by sending a text message with the number 166 to the number 900. You will receive an SMS containing the details of your balance.
  • Use the code *166#: You can also know your STC balance by dialing the code *166# on your mobile phone.
    Simply enter the code before pressing the call button, and you will receive a message containing your balance information.Ezoic
  • Call 166: You can also call 166 directly from your mobile phone to inquire about your balance.
    You will receive the balance details by voice through this service.
  • Calling using your Sawa balance: If you prefer to call using your STC balance, simply press *8, then enter the number you wish to call.

Verifying your STC balance is easy and simple.
You can achieve this by sending a text message, using the code *166#, or calling 166 directly.
Choose the method that suits you most and get your balance details quickly and easily.

Find out your STC balance

How do I recharge STC balance?

  • How to charge Sawa via phone:
    • Click on the symbol 155 Followed by the charging card number, then press Call.
    • Open the calling application on your phone, then follow the steps to recharge the Sawa balance.
  • How to recharge Sawa via the STC Pay application:
    • You can recharge your Sawa balance through the STC Pay application.
    • Choose one of the following methods:
      • Call the shipping label number followed by 155.
      • Associate the recharge number with the message you send to 900 (example: recharge number 123456, then send the message 123456 155).Ezoic
      • Call 1500 and choose recharge from the menu, then enter the recharge code number.
  • Recharge the balance through the STC website:
    • Visit the official STC website.
    • Log in using your existing account.
    • Choose the available shipping options and follow the steps to top up your balance.Ezoic
  • Recharging the balance through ATM machines and service devices:
    • You can top up your balance through ATM machines and service machines available in public places.
    • Choose the shipping option on the device and follow the steps to enter the shipping number and top up your balance.Ezoic
  • Sawa card recharge:
    • You can recharge your Sawa balance by purchasing recharge cards from retail stores or grocery stores.
    • Make sure to purchase the appropriate charging card for the amount of credit you wish to charge.Ezoic
    • Follow the instructions on the recharge card to recharge your balance.

Note that the customer must perform periodic activities to maintain the validity of the STC – Sawa balance:

  • The balance is saved for up to 90 days.
  • The chip is stored for up to 360 days.

If you are not doing any activity, you can call 1500, choose the recharge option, then enter the card number or code to recharge your balance.


These are some of the methods available to recharge your STC – Sawa balance.
Make sure you choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences.

What is the STC recharge number?

    • The STC recharge card contains 14 numbers.
    • You must use the activation code to top up the balance after entering the card number, which is 155 card number#.Ezoic
  • How can I top up my STC balance?
    • You can top up your STC balance by sending a text message to 900.
    • The message must contain the amount to be shipped, then a space, then the mobile number, such as: Amount, mobile number 133.Ezoic
    • There is a minimum limit for postpaid shipping at STC, which is 15 riyals, while the maximum limit is 200 riyals.
      While charging up to 500 riyals per month is allowed.
  • How can I know the STC card balance?
    • You can view and purchase STC recharge cards by registering your account using your mobile number.Ezoic
    • You can call 1500, choose shipping, then enter the card number or code.
    • You can also find out the STC card balance very easily, as the STC card consists of 14 numbers, and the activation code for the card is 155 card number#.
  • How can I recharge STC packages?
    • To recharge STC packages, call #+card number755.

We hope that this information has helped you understand the STC balance recharge process better and provides you with an easy and smooth experience using your mobile phone.
Always remember to verify the amount and mobile number before sending the recharge message.
Enjoy seamless communications with STC!


What are STC packages?

STC is considered one of the largest companies specialized in the field of telecommunications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and offers a wide range of packages to meet the needs of users regarding calls, data and the Internet.
Here is a list of some popular STC packages:

  • Postpaid packages:
    These packages give you multiple benefits including data, calls, social media, and more.
    You can order it through the mystc application, and it includes internet packages that are available in 1 GB, 2 GB, 5 GB, and 10 GB, valid for a month.
    It should be noted that the Internet package is not subject to the fair usage policy and once activated, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Sawa data keys:
    These packages consist of 1 GB of internet for a week at a cost of 15 riyals, and unlimited internet for a day at a cost of 20 riyals.
    These packages also include other Sawa services.Ezoic
  • Roaming packages:
    The roaming package allows you to enjoy calls all over the world.
    Benefits include unlimited on-net calls and 1500 off-net minutes, 60 GB of data, and other services.
  • QuickNet prepaid packages with devices:
    These packages include services that allow you to enjoy the Internet without limits.
    For example, you can get the ZTE MyFi 4G for SAR 511 and it comes with a SAR 75 package that offers 30GB + 50GB for streaming.
  • Sawa Flex:
    These packages offer many options to meet different data needs, such as unlimited social media and various amounts of internet between 40 GB and 100 GB.Ezoic

Remember that the package offer provided by STC may change periodically, so you should review the official website or contact customer service to obtain the latest information before making your final decision.

What are STC packages?

How do I know my 4g balance?

In our current era, the Internet and fourth generation (4G) technology have become essential in our daily lives.
But many people face difficulty in knowing their balance in their 4G package.
In this short list, we will give you some ways to know your balance in that package.

  • Inquiry via the company's application:
    Many telecommunications companies provide mobile applications that allow you to easily check your balance.
    Download the company's app and log in with your account information to see your current 4G plan balance.Ezoic
  • Inquiry via subscriber code:
    Test your luck and see if this method will likely work.
    Follow these steps:
    • Open the calls application on your mobile phone.
    • Press the keyboard and type the following code: *444#
    • Click the Connect button and wait for a response from the network.
    • You will see a message with your current balance in your 4G package.
  • Inquiry via the website:
    In some cases, you can visit the company's website and log in to your account to obtain your package balance information.
    Follow the instructions on the website to know your balance in the 4G package.
  • Inquiry via SMS:
    This may be the most comfortable method for many people.
    Send an SMS to the number designated by the company to inquire about your balance.
    The number may be 181 or any other number specified by the company.
    Send a message containing the word “balance” or the letters “ra” to the number designated for inquiries.
    You will receive a text message containing your current balance in the 4G package.

Using one of these methods, you can easily find out your balance in the 4G package.
Make sure to follow the information provided by the company and use one of the above methods to obtain your balance number and adjust your data consumption correctly.

How to know Zain balance?

  • Inquire about Zain balance using the short code:
    You can inquire about Zain's balance for your line in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by calling Zain's balance code, which is (#142*).
    You just need to follow these steps:
  • Click on 142
  • The message with your current balance in Saudi Riyals will appear on your phone screen.
  1. Using the Zain application:
    You can also know your balance through the Zain application available on smart phone devices.
    Once you log in to the app, you will find a dedicated section to view your balance.
  2. Text messages:
    You can know Zain's balance by sending an SMS to Zain with the code designated to inquire about the balance.
    The code is *142#. You must send the code to the specified Zain service number (for example 959 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and you will receive a text message showing your balance.
  3. Contact customer service:
    If you are having any difficulty inquiring about your balance, you can contact Zain customer service and ask for assistance.
    Our customer service teams will be ready to provide you with the required assistance.

    How do I get free credit from Korek?

    In order to get free credit from Korek, you must follow some simple and easy steps.
    The company provides some excellent offers that you can take advantage of to get additional credit for free.

    Golden offers:

    • Korek Gold offers are one of the best ways to get free credit.
      These offers are available for all prepaid lines in all governorates.
    • When you subscribe to these offers, you will get 20 KB starting from your first subscription.
  • Request additional credit:
    • A distinguished service from Korek that provides prepaid subscribers with the ability to request additional credit when their balance runs out.
    • When the subscriber refills his balance, Korek will replenish the subscriber’s balance free of charge.
  • Balance inquiry:
    • Korek customers can inquire about the balance through three different options:
      • You can call *202# from your mobile phone to inquire about your balance and obtain the necessary information.
  • Investing in projects:
    • Investment in projects is considered the main tool for achieving the goals for which the company was established.
    • Through investment, you can obtain free credit when you fulfill some of the conditions available to you, by owning projects throughout the Arab world that were carefully selected by the company.

Remember that the offers and services mentioned may be subject to certain terms and conditions.
Therefore, it is preferable to contact the company directly to obtain more information and precise details on how to obtain free credit.

How do you know how much STC internet you have left?

XNUMX. Inquiry via text message:

  • You can use the traditional method to inquire about the remaining Sawa Internet package by sending the code 2220 in a text message to the number 902.

XNUMX. Contact customer service number:

  • You can call 900 and then wait for a response from the customer service team, where they can help you find out the remaining balance of the STC internet package.

XNUMX. Using the MY STC application:

  • You can download the My STC application from the application store and log in to see the remaining balance.
    Enter the code *166# and press the call button.
    A message will appear showing you how much balance you have left.

XNUMX. Inquiry via USSD:

  • Type the code *166# from right to left and press the USSD call button.
    A list of options will appear, choose the remaining data balance number.

XNUMX. Inquiry via the STC application in Kuwait:

  • If you are in Kuwait, you can use the code *556# to find out your internet consumption or remaining STC data in Kuwait.

Note that you can also call directly any number you wish to call using your balance from the Sawa Internet package by pressing (8*) and then the desired number, for example (1500), and in this way you can call other numbers directly and quickly.

When inquiring about the remaining balance of the STC Internet package, be sure to review the details and codes specific to the country you are inquiring from.
Remember that these methods are identical to the information available online and may change from time to time, so it is best to verify the accuracy of the methods from a reliable source before following them.

How do you know how much STC internet you have left?

What are Korek offers?

Korek is one of the most important telecommunications companies in Iraq, providing a variety of monthly offers that suit your needs in the field of communications and the Internet.
We will review some of the popular monthly offers that Korek offers.

  • 30 GB package:
    This package allows you to get 30 GB of internet, valid for 30 days.
    It is suitable for people who need a large amount of data to use the Internet frequently and continuously.
  • 10 GB package:
    If you are looking for an affordable plan that suits your personal use, then the 10GB plan is the perfect choice for you.
    This package allows you to get 10 GB of internet, valid for 14 days.
  • 5 GB package:
    If you need a small amount of data for short-term use, the 5GB plan is the ideal choice for you.
    This package allows you to get 5 GB of internet, valid for 3 days.
  • Text messages:
    Besides the internet, Cork also offers amazing text messaging deals.
    You can enjoy sending 180 text messages within the national network per month.
  • Internet service:
    In addition to packages that include internet, Korek offers customized packages to help you stay connected online.
    You get 1GB of internet per month, which is useful for browsing the web and using social media.
  • Additional packages:
    In addition to the above-mentioned offers, you can also benefit from additional premium packages such as the Gold and Super Unlimited offers.
    These packages allow you to get additional benefits such as more internet and free gift offers.

Considering these various offers, you can choose the package that suits your needs and budget.
You can visit the Korek website to get more details about current offers and to subscribe.
Enjoy an ideal calling experience with Korek and enjoy the best monthly offers in Iraq.

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